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Are we circling back to blogging?

Why did we stop blogging?

Once upon a time, blogging was the main way millennials bared their souls to the internet.

I started writing on a blog in high school and went for a solid 10 years, through several different blog hosts and iterations of who I was. High School Sara. College Sara. Newlywed Sara. Sara the Mother. Home Decor Sara.

Twitter never really caught on for me. Threads...why is everyone so angry over there already? And if you're one of my personal Facebook friends, you've been privileged enough over the past 10 years since I stopped blogging to get to be in on some of my very passionate rants.

Is blogging coming back? I saw one person on the internet today say it might be...Well, that's all the green light I need! Let's give this a try!

Leave me a comment if you're reading this!

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